Control of your own fate with fire and general insurance

You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond. It is the quality of that response which may have a massive outcome on your future, and whether the setbacks you suffer are only temporary, or permanent.

Makes sure you're comparing apples with apples when it comes to fire and general insurance – business or domestic.

Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples when it comes to fire and general insurance – business or domestic.

House, home and property insurance

It’s feasible that a fire, earthquake, flood and or other disaster that destroys your home, or leaves it in a shambles, could be the least of your worries… Make sure your property is insured to the correct sum that it will take to repair or rebuild your home to its replacement condition.

Sum insured is a tricky insurance that could leave you out of pocket.

Talk to us first about making sure you are adequately insured – we’ll get you sorted.


Boat (watercraft) insurance

Boat or private watercraft insurance policies can protect your boat, launch, powerboat, yacht, jet-ski, jet boat and other recreational watercraft –regardless of terrain, whether on the road, river, sea or jetty.

Talk to us about boat and marine insurance today – we’ll get you sorted.

Travel insurance

Insure yourself and your family on your travels in New Zealand or overseas. Make sure you have adequate and suitable cover for medical expenses, dafault by travel suppliers, and other losses that may be incurred while traveling – including lost or stolen luggage.

Talk to us about travel insurance today – it’s quick and easy and we’ll get it sorted for you in a hurry.


Insure your caravans, trailers, horse floats…

Insure your registered caravans, trailers, animal and horse floats, and even your unregistered on-site caravans – and contents – through one contact. We’ll also help you get your claims across the line with minimum fuss.

Talk to us about trailer, horse float and caravan insurance today – we’ll get you sorted.


Get the right motor vehicle, truck and car insurance for your needs

Let us navigate the small print, the ‘exclusions and inclusions’ and get you the best motor vehicle insurance possible for your specific needs and circumstances.

Protect your motor vehicle from accident, fire, theft, mechanical break-down and ‘third party’ events, and avoid the hassle and pitfalls of claim time.

Talk to us about your motor vehicle, truck or car insurance today – we’ll get you sorted.

Business interruption / disruption insurance

Don’t lose business, or risk financial disaster in your business, when the unexpected occurs. Fire, burglaries, earthquakes, death, breakdowns, interruptions, workplace and public accidents should only be a set-back, not the end.

Talk to us about minimising the risks specific to your business, your employees and customers with business insurance – we’ll get you sorted.

Business insurance options to consider include:

Material damage insurance

Protect machinery and buildings, plant and stock from destruction, loss or damage.

Machinery insurance

Cover yourself for the cost of repairs, losses and disasters that may result from interruption to business production, delivery and any other risks that may occur – including the cost of getting you back underway.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Protect yourself from losses, replacement, hire and repairs resulting from equipment breakdown insurance – including computers – and recover any losses that result.

Commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial and or business vehicle, cars, trucks, vans and other vehicle insurance is complicated. We know what to look out for and can make sure you have the best insurance cover according to your needs.

Business interruption

There are multiple products that can help you protect your business from loss of income, expenses, cost of assessing your claim and getting you back to a trading ready state. Talk to us today about what is best for you.

Business travel insurance

Protect yourself and your staff when travelling on business, including cover for luggage, equipment, medical expenses, travel disruption, overseas public liability and other factors beyond your control.

General liability insurance

Insure yourself, your business, your customers (and your staff) from injury, damage or death that results from accidents, carelessness or malfunctions during the operations or performance of business duties.

Marine cargo insurance

Pirates, storms, terrorism and negligence are just some of the risks faced by individuals and companies shipping goods in these modern time. Marine insurance can protect you if your equipment,  goods or products are lost, stolen or damaged during transit.

Talk to us about fire and general needs, whether home and contents, business or travel, we can help get you sorted.








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