Introducing Crash Management: Free, convenient, an absolute pleasure

If you don’t know about Crash Management’s services, I’d like to point you in their direction because I’ve just used their services myself (after a minor collision) and they made my life a lot easier.

Crash Management is a business that takes care of all of the hassle from woe to go, and it won’t cost you (or your Insurer) a cent.

They will collect your vehicle, provide you with a free loan car, select an accredited repairer nearest you and valet the car when it’s done, before returning the vehicle to you.

Once I had lodged a claim with my insurer, I called Crash Management and gave them my claim number and they took care of the rest, including sending me an online link where I could watch the progress of repairs and receive an anticipated delivery time.

The service is funded by crash repairers but, unlike going direct to most crash repairers, you won’t be charged for your loan car and you will get a free, late model vehicle.

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