House & Contents Insurance: Will your insurance company pay to clean your house?

If your house has been flooded, most insurance companies will pay for the clean-up and any other flood damage mitigation steps you may have to take.

I recently had a client call me over the weekend because the lower level of her house was flooded. I advised her to get a cleaning company in – even over the weekend – and let them use their industrial dryers to get the place into shape. The fact that it was over a weekend and possibly more expensive was not important because it was an emergency.

The cost of the clean up is included – provided the claim is accepted in the first place (which it will be if you’ve taken out a reasonable policy) – because cleaning and drying the property helps to minimise flood damage.

Other actions, such as punching a hole in the wall so water can escape, hiring a pump or dumping rubble to channel flood water away from the house will also be covered because, again, you are minimising your flood damage and ultimately, how much the insurance company has to pay out.

The most important thing is to make sure you have good house and contents insurance because house flooding is becoming more and more prevalent. Our drainage systems aren’t coping very well anymore, and of course changing weather patterns – increase in heavy rainfall and weather bombs – are heightening the incidence of flood damage (clay shrinkage after dry weather also raises the risk of flooding).

One final tip, when taking out a house and contents insurance policy, make sure to check what excess you will be required to pay when you claim or cold water won’t be the only shock you get.

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