Avoid post-holiday insurance claims

With summer holidays just around the corner many of us of as are looking forward to packing up, abandoning home and heading off on holiday. Unfortunately this is the time of year that burglars love! Follow these simple steps and you’ll help minimize the risk of burglary.

  • Don’t’ let your mailbox overflow. Get in touch with New Zealand Post to stop your mail, or ask a neighbour to collect it daily.
  • It’s great if you have a neighbour who can close your curtains daily. If not, leave them open (or as you would during the day). If all your curtains are closed day after day it screams that no one is home.
  • Try and control your excitement (and limit jealousy) by not posting on social media about your holiday until you are back in your own bed. Even if you’re just sharing with friends and family, others may be able to read comments and they will know you’re away.
  • Use light timers indoors and make sure your outside security lights are functioning.
  • If you’ve got an alarm, turn it on. Even if you don’t have an alarm putting the alarm surveillance stickers on your windows can be a good idea.
  • Keep all spare house keys and car keys hidden, as if you do get broken into it can prevent thieves making a return visit.
  • Unplug as much as you can (ideally everything except the fridge). This will help protect you from power surges.
  • Hide all valuables (or anything that looks valuable) from view.

Does travel insurance cover me if I damage a hired car while on holiday?

Processing other insurance options while travelling, such as additional car insurance products from car hire companies, can sometimes leave you feeling a bit like a prayer and a hope might be your best option… but a good travel insurance policy can help take some of the pain out of the equation.

How your travel insurance affects your car hire will depend on your policy. The policy that I recommend has a limit of $6,000 to cover the rental vehicle excess.

Typically, you would take the insurance cover offered by the rental vehicle company (that extra daily dollar amount that the rental vehicle company offers as an add on to the normal hire charge).

Car rental companies will also normally offer an extra charge to reduce the excess, or to have a nil excess.

The travel insurance policy I recommend would reimburse you, the traveller, for up to $6,000 for any excess that was applied to the rental vehicle insurance policy.

This travel insurance policy also offers, as standard:

  •  Medical and repatriation expenses
  • Emergency Assistance provided 24 hours/7 days by Allianz Global
  • Assistance with a worldwide network of companies
  • Replacement cover on baggage items less than 2 years old
  • Free cover for dependent children under 21 years
  • Rental Vehicle excess cover
  • Recreational Sports covered free of charge:
    • Leisure skiing and snowboarding
    • Scuba diving (with PADI or NAUI qualification)
    • Hot air ballooning
    • Parasailing and paragliding
    • Bungee jumping
    • White-water rafting in grade 4 or less rivers

Other policy options include:

  •  Private Hospital care option
  • Excess Buyout option
  • Increased cover for Specified High Value Items
  • Civil Unrest in the Pacific Islands
  • Terrorism cover
  • Automatic free cover for some pre-existing medical conditions

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